Wednesday, 19 March 2008

A tale of cobwebs and dubious stains

In an exciting development, I have volunteered to be an 'Estate Services Monitor' for Homes for Haringey. This involves ticking various boxes regarding the condition of the Estate.

My tick-sheet came with a very illuminating 'Performance Guide', which tells me what levels of cleanliness etc I should be expecting. It is fully illustrated with pictures of pristine floors ('Good/Excellent') through to litter-strewn grime-fests ('Neglect'). Guess where Summersby Road is on that scale? Clue: it 'aint pretty.

I never thought I'd get excited by pictures of filthy stairwells or grimy bin shoots, but stranger things have happened.

I guess if we weren't paying such a huge amount of money for cleaning, repairs and management I wouldn't mind so much. But with a 33% rise in service charges this year, the neglect is rather hard to stomach.

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