Thursday, 20 March 2008

Illegal adverts and recycling conundrums

A very exciting start to the day in Waterloo, with Clementine, and my two Alliance Against Urban 4x4 colleagues, Sian Berry and Blake Ludwig. Today we've sent a letter to Ruth Kelly, to the VCA and to the ASA regarding the illegality of many car adverts. It is against European law not to have the fuel consumption and CO2 emission info on all ads (billboards, newspaper ads, promotional material etc) in quite large print. However, many have it in just tiny print, or in many cases, not at all.

We highlighted this in front of a big billboard in Waterloo which had no info on at all, a clear breach of the law. Here I am launching the website

This afternoon I trudged around the estate in the rain with a representative of Haringey council's recycling team, trying to convince her that we had space for recycling facilities. So much red tape I'm surprised that people don't end up strangling themselves with it at the civic centre...but I am determined that, eventually, we will get recycling facilities here - even if it is the inferior 'co-mingled' variety.

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