Tuesday, 18 March 2008

The blog starts here

Well, everyone else is doing it, I thought I might as well give it a go.

Today was very exciting - first of all there was the protest to attend at Highgate post office. I couldn't believe how many people had turned up to demand that the post office stay open - 150 to 200 people, apparently, including some local celebs such as Victoria Wood. Had a chat with Cllr Adrian Oliver, one of the two Green councillors in the Camden ward of Highgate. None in the Haringey ward of Highgate yet - but it's my job to change that in the future!

After the post office demo I took Clementine home, trained her paternal grandfather how to change a nappy, and then took off to the Royal Free for the maternity services meeting. The usual struggle to get them to admit they have problems with midwifes' attitudes and behaviour...not much gets done apart from a lot of denial, umming and ahhing. Very frustrating but I refuse to give up.

Posted a formal complaint regarding Homes for Haringey at Archway post office (queued for 10 mins - yes, they're so quiet those underused post offices these days - !!) and then home to take over from Grandfather Cope, who had started a small fire in my absence. An afternoon of babying and phoning the council on a myriad of subjects, as per usual.

Just a normal day.

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