Monday, 1 March 2010

Whittington demo gives hope

First off, apologies all my legions of blog followers (yes, all 4 of you) for my lack of postings of late. It sounds lame, but I have been too busy doing it to write about it. 'It' being knocking on doors, attending exciting meetings of various flavours, protesting about the Whittington demo (see photo), Guerrilla Gardening (post to follow), raising money for Haiti (ditto). Phew.

Friday night saw me, together with Haringey Green Party member Pamela, making placards a'plenty for the Whittington closure demo. Our placards read 'HANDS OFF THE WHITTINGTON', 'CUTTING COSTS COSTS LIVES', 'SAVE THE A&E: SAVE LIVES' and 'MATERNITY WARD MUST STAY'.

It was inspiring to see so many different groups in attendance, making their voices heard. Curious that Labour were there, opposing the cuts, and yet...

This is just the start of the fight to save the Whittington, and the placards are ready for their next outing, if needs be.

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