Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Yesterday: Climate Rush! Today: Canvassing!

I attended Climate Rush last night. 1oo years since the Suffragettes 'rushed' at Parliament, we rushed at the Houses of Parliament (cue much argy-bargy) to protest about Climate Change. "Deeds not Words!" was the rallying cry. It was a really inspiring event with many a period costume and more children present than at your usual protest - and that can only be a good thing. More cakes as well.

Caroline Lucas gave a great speech as did Rosie Boycott. I saw Tamsin Ormond being arrested (again!). It was a brilliant idea and got much press - top story on BBC London last night.

I spent today canvassing in Kentish Town, in advance of the by-election on 30th October. It's us versus those dodgy Lib Dems (anyone fancy a trip to Arizona? That's where your Lib Dem will be holding his surgeries from now on....). They've already been touting old statistics as new ones, and saying that they've "saved" the Torriano pub when in fact it's far from saved. Politics, shmolitics - but it was great to hit the doorsteps and meet the voters. We got some positive feedback which is always a boost.


  1. I was working Kentish Town at the weekend and I get the feeling we're definately in with a chance of winning it... oh! exciting!

  2. Yes - unlike Labour, who my canvassing partner witnessed being told to "Piss Off!" The perils of unpopularity...