Friday, 31 October 2008

By-elections, babies, banners...boobs.

I've neglected my blog for the last couple of weeks, so now it's time for an update. I was out 'till 1am this morning due to the Kentish Town by-election, where the Greens came third. It was a disappointing result, but with the Lib Dems doing their usual 50,000 leaflets per household, we were really up against it. I have never been part of a full 'telling' and 'knocking up' operation before, so it was very educational! Also, it feels good to be part of a team, all working for the same goal. I also love to see 'democracy in action', as lofty as that sounds. It's heartening to see couples and families coming to vote together on a freezing, dark night.

Rather less heartening was the presence of the BNP, who had a candidate standing. I wouldn't have wanted to have been a member of an ethnic minority walking around the (incredibly ill-lit) streets of Kentish Town last night, I can tell you. Just the very presence of those thugs is truly intimidating. But I expect that's partly their goal in life, to be threatening. If so, mission accomplished.

On a different topic, I have been researching maternity services in the UK, and putting together one of the major campaigns I am going to be running this year in the Green Party. Called 'Birth Right' (website coming soon - I hope!), I am going to be highlighting the problems of giving birth on the NHS, and pushing the viable solutions. The Independent Midwives Association have some excellent ideas, and I have been in touch with them today.

Another thing that's been taking up much of my time is preparing for the Campaign Against Climate Change march on 6th December. Placards, leaflets...Oh, and green hard hats!

As a post-script - I visited my favourite shop in the world today (ok, maybe I exaggerate slightly), Radio Days on Lower Marsh Street in Waterloo. It sells vintage clothes, ornaments, jewellery, telephones etc. Anyway, it's amazing. I'd recently read that with the credit crunch upon us, now was the time to shamelessly haggle with shopkeepers. Well, I saw a fellow female shopper take that to another level, when she asked for two cigarette holders for the price of one "and I'll show you my right tit." The poor fellow behind the counter was truly taken aback and politely declined the offer. I was a bit embarrassed for him really, but you have to admit it's a novel approach in these tough economic times...

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