Monday, 22 September 2008

My Dismay at Haringey (again)

I attended the Recycling Scrutiny Review meeting tonight and I wasn't very impressed. There were only 7 of us (don't think I was really welcome - oh well!) and nobody seemed to know much about recycling issues. I have suggested that at the next meeting they get Andy Moore from the Campaign for Real Recycling to attend, as he knows all the problems and the possible solutions. They seemed keen on this idea and I hope to push to make it happen. However, the feeling seemed to be that having this review was probably very much a cosmetic exercise, and that little notice will be taken of their conclusions.

One interesting - and alarming - point that came out of the meeting, and which came as a shock to all Cllrs, was that in the next few months Haringey plan to replace all of the on-street separated recycling tanks with co-mingled - meaning that Haringey will be 100% co-mingled. I was really surprised and disgusted about this, as these separated facilities are the only ones which are in fact 'real recycling' facilities, and are used by people who don't trust the co-mingled facilities - and rightly so! Those separated banks are the only way we in Haringey can ensure that our recycling is properly handled.

We haven't been consulted, and what's more, the woman from recycling who was at this meeting and broke this news said that one of the reasons they were making these bins co-mingled was so that it wouldn't be 'confusing' for residents - so that we'd have co-mingled at home and on the streets too. I find that really patronising - most people, I think, can in fact understand the current set-up...Green glass goes in there, yup....paper in there. I think I get it, wow!


  1. Hi Sarah,
    May I ask who can attend the Recycling Scrutiny Review meeting?
    I agree that recycling tanks with co-mingled scare a bit residents.
    What needs to be clear is a sign on this banks or near by about what happens to the recyclables.

    I used to work in waste services for a local council and changing people habit is a huge challenge. However it does help when the council explains its strategy and communicate a lot with the residents.

    I used to run lots of public events in shopping area and deprived area near estates.
    I made sure the council website would have all explanation on what happen to plastic, to paper, to cans etc and why people should recycle.

    I informed all schools to any change to recycling scheme.
    I made sure leaflets in libraries and schools explained the recycling sites goals. Lastly I made sure a clear message was in the council magazine.

    Let's hope Haringey council will establish a clear comunicaiton strategy before-during and after changing the way reccyclings tanks work.


  2. It's unclear who can attend these meetings. It wasn't publicised at all, but my local councillor informed me and suggested I attend, knowing how passionate I am about 'real' recycling.