Sunday, 7 September 2008

Green Party Conference

I've been at the Green Party Conference for the last two and a half days, meeting loads of people and running an Alliance Against Urban 4x4s stall. We've been asking people to sign letters to three key MEPs who soon have a crucial vote about CO2 targets for the car industry.

I've also been selling Alliance t-shirts and our infamous fake parking tickets, to be issued to shiny urban 4x4s!

It's been such an exciting conference what with electing our first ever leader, Caroline Lucas. Her acceptance speech was extremely inspiring, and has made me even more determined to be part of the effort to get the first Green MPs elected.

Yesterday I stood for the position of Campaigns Co-ordinator on the Green Party Executive. I gave a short speech in front of conference and the results of the ballot will be announced tomorrow.

All in all, an exciting if exhausting weekend!

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  1. Good Luck! Hope you'll be posting the results here as soon as they're in