Thursday, 29 April 2010

Whittington gets its claws out

Today I attended the 'day of action' at the Whittington Hospital, where of course the A&E, maternity unit and other services are under threat. The above picture shows Islington Green Party member (and Parliamentary candidate) Emma Dixon explaining passionately that the Green Party are opposed to privatisation and cuts, and want to protect and invest in the NHS. She also rightly said that come May 7th, whatever the result of the election, the Green Party will continue to believe this and continue to fight against the destruction of the NHS.

It was announced that Andy Burnham had pledged to 'save' the Whittington, but an air of disbelief and mistrust reigned, and mutters of 'can we have that in writing?' were heard.

Tory Andrew Lansley claimed that the Conservatives were 'the party of the NHS', at which point I began to feel somewhat sick, and wondered whether I might need to avail myself of the services of the handily-situated (for the moment, at least) A&E.

I was rather shocked how heavy-handed the security guards were - I wasn't even allowed to take my daughter inside the hospital with a balloon. Hmm, I guess I looked like a threat carrying a 'Save the Whittington' balloon. Highly controversial, huh?!

Let's see what happens post-election. I'm pretty sure this fight isn't over yet...

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