Saturday, 12 September 2009

Lordship Rec Festival

Lordship Rec Festival took place today, and the sun shone like it was July! This helped draw in the crowds and it was quite the place to be. Stalls, sheep, live music, the Food Co-op...cake competitions (see above), pony rides - and people from all backgrounds enjoying themselves hugely.

I was on the Sustainable Haringey Network stall with my colleagues Pamela and others, letting people know about our upcoming plans.

It was fun playing 'spot the councillor' - there were several around, munching candyfloss and talking with the residents. (The candyfloss aspect might be a slight fabrication).

There was a fantastic 'weird shaped fruit and veg' competition, including a 2lb potato which closely resembled Johnny Vegas.

All the fun of the fair.

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