Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Making Homes 'Decent' - an Update

Here at Summersby Road this week we had another meeting with the Homes for Haringey Chief Executive Paul Bridge. He came to give us an update about how things are progressing under his leadership.

It seems that it won't be long before we find out whether the Decent Homes programme can be speeded up - HfH have put in a bid to the newly set up 'Houses and Communities Agency', and will find out if they have been successful at the end of this month. If they get the go-ahead, the decent homes programme will be completed in 4 years instead of 6. This would mean that residents in bad conditions would see an improvement sooner.

According to the Chief Exec, 46% of Homes for Haringey homes are currently below the 'decent homes' benchmark. And 'decent' is not all that high a standard, apparently.

One of my neighbours asked, astutely, whether the Government might run out of money before they get round to tackling our estate (us being amongst the last on the list). Also, would a change of Government mean an abandonment of the Decent Homes programme? Paul Bridge said he would be very surprised if they ran out of money, or that the Tories would cancel the programme, but he couldn't of course give a 100% guarantee of that.

We are all on tenterhooks as to what work will be done, when it will happen - and whether it will happen at all! Also, us leaseholders are not looking forward to paying our contribution to the cost, which could be as much as £20,000 each, judging by what other leaseholders in the borough have already been charged. I am not sure where we'll find the money, to be quite honest. But find it we must.

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